10 Ways to Make People Like You

There are numerous methods for making people like you, especially if you are not the outspoken or people-person type.

People are naturally drawn to others who have likable characters or who they want to be like.

Make a list of your friends and compare it to the list of characteristics I'm about to show you. I'm sure you'd find one or more of these characteristics in them.

Let's get started and look at 10 ways to make people like you.

10 Ways to Make People Like You

1. Develop a Sense of Humor

I'm thinking about putting this at the top of the list.

One way to make people like you is to have a good sense of humor. To be likable, you don't have to be a comedian or a circus clown. No!

Finding amusement in a statement or action is what makes it funny. Be cool enough to recognize and laugh at a joke. Laughter spreads like wildfire.

You could make people laugh with a simple wordplay or trick. The goal is to make people enjoy themselves by being around you.

A good laugh lifts people's spirits. Life is difficult. Don't make people bored.

2. Be a Valuable Individual

A person with something valuable to offer is generally liked by everyone.

The big question here is, what kind of value do you provide?

I was having a conversation with a group of friends about what value means to them, and someone gave an example. He stated,

"You go to the barber if you want your hair cut." You go to the mechanic to have your car fixed. Everyone has a unique value to offer that is not necessarily monetary." That's how I felt.

People may want to be around you because you are a good listener or a knowledgeable individual.

Discover and cultivate your value.

3. Be a Good Listener

Another tip for how to make people like you is to be someone who listens.

I'm sure we all appreciate people who can light up a room with their presence. There never seems to be a dull moment with them. Sometimes, however, all we need is someone to sit and listen.

This is especially true when you need someone to talk to, someone who will listen when you speak.

To be a good listener, you must pay attention to who is speaking, make facial expressions that show you are listening, and ask questions. These are simple characteristics that can be developed over time.

4. Compliment Others

It's just courtesy, in my opinion, to see someone drip hard and compliment them, even if you don't know them.

Someone once referred me to a job solely because I praised their handwriting.

Complimenting others does not have to be limited to their appearance. You can compliment them on a distinguishing feature that you admire.

"Hello, you gave a nice speech there. "I adore it." Simple and concise. And you're well on your way to developing a positive relationship.

5. Maintain a Smile 

"Have you ever seen the most beautiful of faces? It contains a smile" - Anonymous

If you're familiar with the Nigerian Twitter scene, you've probably heard of Onion Cider. Her face card never declines because she always has a smile on her face.

That is one of the qualities that people admire in her.

Even if you're having a bad day, a happy face is contagious. People are more likely to approach you if you are smiling.

6. Spend Time With Others

Spending time with people is a great way to make them like you. Which of your friends came to mind when you read this line?

When you spend time with people, they see characters in you that they like, and vice versa. It also aids in the formation of memories with them.

And we all enjoy recalling our past. It's the reason you take photos, look at them, and smile.

7. Display Positive Emotions

Another way to get people to like you is to show positive emotions that they can relate to. People will naturally want to be with you if you can learn to see the positive side of things.

To remain positive all the time, you must learn to control your emotions. You can't always be happy or have a smile on your face.

But what matters most is what you do when your emotions are put to the test! It 

I had finished an exam, and the last question was about my life. After the papers, my circle gathered, and it turned out that the last question was actually after all of our lives. It turned out, that the

8. Be willing to learn new things.

Accept the fact that you do not know everything. "I am the wisest man on earth because I know nothing," said Socrates.

Keeping an open mind allows you to learn new things daily. Even if you know everything, you don't act like it. And you don't let your thoughts keep you from seeing the world through the eyes of others.

Be willing to learn from anyone, including small children. This is why conversations in which both parties leave bitter do not sit well with me.

The ability to learn from others is a quality that makes people want to be around you

9. Demonstrate to Others That You Truly Care

Consider it. Would you continue to be friends with someone who has repeatedly demonstrated a lack of concern for you? I have my doubts.

People like you when you show them you genuinely care about them. A genuine display of concern can be as simple as calling to see how they are.

Sometimes it's the small things that count.

10. Communicate with Them I frequently enjoy my personal space! 

I can spend an entire day indoors without speaking to anyone, online or offline. It was just me, my laptop, and my phone. That is not the way to live, as I discovered the hard way.

You must interact with people for them to know who you are. And the outcome of the conversation will determine whether or not they like you.

Maintain frequent contact with your friends and family. Talk to your professional network. In this day and age of social media, these actions are fairly simple.


It is simple to be liked by everyone. If you follow these ten tips for getting people to like you, you will be one step closer to becoming a people person.

"How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie is another book I'd recommend. I got the majority of my advice there.

Do you have any suggestions for improvements or additions? Leave your thoughts in the comments section. I'd read through it.


How can I make people respect you?

Setting boundaries, displaying confident body language, and standing up for your beliefs are all ways to gain people's respect.

How do I make someone like me over text?

Complimenting them, playfully teasing them, and keeping your text simple, casual, and consistent are all ways to get someone to like you over text.

How can I make someone like me back?

If you like someone and want them to like you back, you must keep in touch with them, spend time with them, learn what they like, and get it for them.

How do I get people to talk to me?

To get people to talk to you, maintain an approachable personality and smile, and learn to keep a conversation going.